Ithayangal” is a charity organization started on 16th of January 2005 in Nambharai village. It consists of number of self dedicated   youths to serve the poor, needy peoples of the nation. The self dedicated youths are the only power of this organization.  This organization is created and managed by students and working professionals of nambharai village. We have a long term vision to influence, improve and touch the lives of the underprivileged, deserving people from various walks of life in the nation irrespective of caste, community, creed or religion. Our main objective   is to identify and support the deserved students for their upliftment and also to encourage the various abilities of the undeveloped village peoples.  manitham naesippoam.. maasattra vaalvinai suvaasipoam” is our motto and we strongly believe that our  organization, can make a positive impact on welfare of poor deserved people in various angles.

                         The important thing in this organization is we never ask any kind of cash donations from anyone. The expenditures are shared by the young youths of the village with a broad mind to uplift their own village in various angles. So we never expecting donation from you and if you want to do something for your village ,old schools, poor needy, deserved people for their upliftment just join hands with us.

                       If you are ready to do service in your area with true dedication towards your service we will help you with both              man power and also economically to our best extent. But the thing is the service must reach the real peoples who deserves          for it. If you want to do some services for your area(inside india) just contact our help desk with the given contact details.